Saturday, October 13, 2018

Back in the fast lane!

Round 2 of AV Shield was a big one.  I entered 5 events this time around - 100 and 400 metres, shot put, javelin and long jump.  Conditions were mild, with a gusty wind swinging from N to ENE.

While the sprints were my key events, I like to try and diversify, both for variety, as well as maximising points when I compete in decathlons.  This year, the program allows a greater degree of flexibility with the field events, allowing me to compete in all 3 without clashes.

First event was the javelin.  I did the main part of my 100m warmup before heading over to the javelin area to do a few practice throws.  During the event, I also continued my warmup between throws.  Anyway, I ended up with 3 legal throws, the best of which was 15.98 metres.  This is a bit shorter than the 18.70 I threw with the heavier javelin last summer.

Shortly after the javelin was the 100 metres.  With my heel slowly recovering, and a very mild hamstring strain 2 weeks ago, I was a bit cautious.  I took the first half of the race a little easier than normal, before opening up, once I was near top speed, about halfway through.  Finished in 13.76 seconds, which I was happy with for a conservative run, and there were no further issues.

Went straight to the long jump.  First 2 jumps were in the 3.7 - 3.8m range.  Finished with a 3.95m jump.  Getting my form back, while some adjustments made to my run up over winter seem to be working well.

Next up, after a short rest was the shot put.  Second put was the best at 6.31m.  Not quite as good as I’ve done during the winter break, but reasonable, as I regain my form in the field events.

Final event was the 400m.  Having cooled down a bit, my foot had become a bit stiff and sore.  However, a few run throughs fixed that, and I was ready for the 400m.  After another conservative start, I settled into my 400m cruising pace.  Conditions were tough for the first 200 metres but eased after that.  Managed to hold pace pretty well until 60-70m from the finish.  From there it was a push with everything I had left to the finish.  Finished in 64.18 seconds, which was better than all but one of my 400m races last summer, and quite good, considering the downtime I’ve had this year.  Looking forward to pushing the limits in the 400 metres this summer.

All in all, a successful day.

- Tony via Tumblr

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