Saturday, August 26, 2017

2017 Cross Country Roundup

Just back from my club’s cross country season breakup.  As part of the festivities, there were two events at the athletics track - an 800m, and a 3k run, both handicap events.  More on that later.

As for my cross country season, the best word to describe it would be “consistent”.  I improved my 1k PB by 2 seconds to 3:30, several weeks ago.  However, I also ran 3:34 on at least 4 occasions, and a most of my other 1k runs were faster than 3:45.  Although I’m not the fastest in the club - we have some capable of 3:10 over 1k, my consistent performance over the season put me well ahead in points.  Although my fastest time was only 2 seconds faster than last year, I was a lot more consistent, with more runs close to my best time.

My consistency was a slight disadvantage on handicap points, where I scored 5th place for the season.

Back to today - with a season of good 1k performances under my belt, as well as plenty of training for the shorter middle distances, I am now in the best 800m form I’ve ever been in.  I set myself a goal of 2:30 for the race, some 9 seconds better than my previous PB, at a pace of under 3:10/km.  My race went mostly to plan, and I finished strongly in a time of 2:33.  Not quite the target, but still a significant 6 seconds off my old PB.

Now, we have a few weeks break, before track season resumes in October.

- Tony via Tumblr