Saturday, December 15, 2018

My second long jump attempt on 15/12/2018.

My second long jump attempt on 15/12/2018.

- Tony via Tumblr

My heat in the AV Shield 400 metres run 15/12/2018

My heat in the AV Shield 400 metres run 15/12/2018

- Tony via Tumblr

My heat of the 100 metres on December 15, 2018.

My heat of the 100 metres on December 15, 2018.

- Tony via Tumblr

Saturday, December 08, 2018

Non Shield Meet and Starting Strength Work.

Yesterday was a non Shield meet, using the same Program 1 events as last week, so I entered the same events - 200m, 100m and discus.  Conditions were warm with only a light headwind for most of the time, though the wind did get quite variable at times.

First event was the 200 metres.  Despite feeling as good as last week, the time was a slow 27.92.  Not quite sure why.  I finished quite strong, so fatigue doesn’t seem to be the issue.

In the 100 metres, I had a good run, only 0.07 seconds slower than last week, despite not having the huge tailwind of last week.  I was fairly happy with this result.

My discus form was all over the place this week, but one throw was still reasonable at around 18.5 metres.

Due to my dodgy proprioception, I need to constantly review my technique.  In the past, video has proven to be a very useful tool to get feedback, both directly, as well as with the informed opinion of a coach watching the video.  Hopefully I can organise some video recordings in the near future.

Today, I started work on the strength/power deficiencies I identified last week.  I’ve started a new gym routine to develop leg power, especially in the glutes, to help with both my ladder climbing and acceleration.  With 5 weeks to the next fire brigade competition and 7 weeks to the country championships, there is time for this work to have some impact for the latter half of the season.

- Tony via Tumblr

Monday, December 03, 2018

A Weekend of SportHad a big sporting weekend the past couple of days, with an athletics meet on...

A Weekend of Sport

Had a big sporting weekend the past couple of days, with an athletics meet on Saturday and the first fire brigade competition for the season on Sunday.

Saturday was very warm, with a strong, gusty northerly wind, which was a tailwind for the sprints. I had entered 3 events - 200m, 100m and discus.

First was the 200 metres. Got a good start and bend. Finished well with a time of 27.43, my best so far for the season.

After an hour or more wait, it was time for the 100 metres. Despite the assistance of a 2.9 m/S wind, my time was only 13.50, which seemed a bit slow for the conditions.

The discus followed immediately after the 100m. Was in good form, with a best throw of 18.87m.

On Sunday, I arrived early at the fire brigade track, mainly to get a good parking spot. :). However, this time there was a combined senior/junior program, which meant a lot more waiting than normal. My first event was a couple of hours later.

First up was the ladder race. Got through the heat with an 8.55 second run. Was a bit slower in the final with a time of 8.74. like the 100 metres on the previous day, this seemed a bit slow. My starts were good, but the climb felt sluggish.

After a 4-5 hour wait for the marehalls, which I didn’t run in, then some junior events, it was time for the pumper 4s. Ran first branch and had a reasonable run. If I recall, we placed second.

Next was the hose and ladder 8s. This year so far, I’m the only member of the team capable of running ladder positions, so that was my role in this event. The run went smoothly, with a good run down the track, arriving in perfect time, just as the ladder was raised. The climb was again sluggish, but the hydrant man managed to time the water perfectly, with it arriving just as I reached the top. We finished second with a time in the high 25s.

Then it was back to the pumper and ladder event. Made it to the top in good time, but there was a delay with the water. Think we scored third place.

With the pumpers out of the way, the rest of the day was a busy sequence of reel events. The next one was the hose and reel 8s. I ran second assist, helping bring the second hose back to the hydrant. We came second with a 36 second time.

The sixes followed the 8s. As I was one of the 2 extras that made up the 8 in the previous event, I was now freed to catch the reel. This involves waiting on the track just past the target disc, and taking the reel off the last remaining pole as it comes through. Once I have it, it’s a case of controlling the speed to best benefit the overall run. I can’t recall the place we got in this event.

The next event was the champion 4s. I didn’t run in this event, but the team did score second place.

The last event was the Y8. We were the only team to run this event. The run went well until the last second, when I didn’t quite make it to the top ofvthe ladder before the water came. Had to wait for it to be turned off, before I could proceed to finish the run.

Anyway, we finished 3rd overall for the day, which wasn’t bad for the limited (by recent bad weather) training that we’ve had.

For me, the big take away was the lack of speed, especially the climbing of the ladder. I need to do some work on this. I’ve decided on a two pronged approach. First, some strength work in the gym to help with power, while working on technique.

Next week it’s back to athletics.

- Tony via Tumblr