Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 Victorian Masters Championships

Last weekend, the Victorian Masters Track and Field Championships were held in Doncaster, in the suburbs of Melbourne.  Due to a scheduling issue that made day 1′s events very late in the day, I only entered day 2 events.  This meant I would miss the 100 and 400m events, but was able to enter the 60m and 200m sprints.  I also entered the discus for fun.

After a 2 hour drive to Doncaster, I arrived a little before 10:30, in plenty of time to check in for my events.  First up was discus.  As expected, nothing eath shattering here, with my first throw being the best at 16.49 metres, 17cm short of my PB.  After the 4th throw out of 6, I retired, so I could focus on my warmup for the 60 metres.

For some reason, I felt a bit tight in much of my left leg, and had concerns about finishing the race.  However, being a state level meet, I wanted to give it my best effort.  My leg held up and I finished with a bronze medal in a PB time of 8.32 seconds, but feeling as if I could go even faster.

My last event was the 200 metre sprint.  Between the 60m sprint and warmup, as well as the program running nearly 20 minutes early by this time, I was well prepared for this race, but the tightness was still there.  Had good acceleration into the bend, and finished well with a time of 26.78 seconds, just 0.07 seconds shy of my PB and only the second time I’ve broken the 27 second mark.

Reviewing the results, I did notice my current performance over the shorter distances would have been enough to easily win a bronze in the 100m.  Well, maybe next year for that attempt. :)

This coming Saturday, my season ends with the Victorian Police and Emergency Services Games track and field.  Stay tuned. :)

- Tony via Tumblr

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