Sunday, March 19, 2017

2 field PBs

Yesterday, it was back to athletics for the final meet in Bendigo of the season.  I entered 5 events - 100 and 400 metres, as well as shot put, long jump and javelin.

First up was the 100 metres.  With last week’s state championships having been a workout and 2 important meets still to come, I opted to test out my starting technique, then back off as I approached top speed.  Despite thes, I ran 13.28 seconds.

Next was the shot put.  Nothing significant here, with my best throw being well short of my PB.  After shot put, it was over to the long jump.  My first jump was just over 4 metres, around 20cm short of my PB.  Shortly after my first jump, I had to go to the 400 metres.  My first half was very strong, but the last 150 metres was a bit of a struggle.  Finished in 1:03.64, just over a second outside my PB.

Resumed my long jump.  Second jump was affected my fatigue from the 400m, but the final jump went together perfectly, resulting in a PB of 4.49m, more than 20cm past the previous PB.

After long jump was javelin.  My first throw was a little over 13 metres.  With some coaching from a fellow club member, my second throw was faster, but the launch angle was low and it only went around 12 metres.  My final throw was at a better angle, after a little more coaching, and achieved a PB of 15.46m, around 1.5m better than my previous PB.

The day finished with a 4x100m relay.  Ran fairly well, after a slightly wonky baton pass.  Our team finished the relay in around 48 seconds.

Overall, a very successful day.  Next week, it’s the Victorian Masters Championships.

- Tony via Tumblr

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