Monday, February 08, 2016

Fire brigade PB!

Sunday saw a return to the fire brigade track for the first of 3 competitions in a row.  Since the end of January, I've focused my training purely on the fire brigade events.  This has reduced my training load considerably for the rest of the season.

On Sunday, my day started with the first event, the hydrant race, which I normally don't run.  However, I ran a reasonable time in the 14.30s range.  Next event was the ladder race.  My heat time was 8.06, equal to my post comeback electronically timed PB.  In the final, I easily beat this with a 7.88 run and narrowly missed out on a place.

The day ended up being one of my busiest ever, with a total of 13 runs in 10 events, 3 of which were filling in for the A side, as they were short one person, and I'm one our fastest and most experienced.  Highlights of the day were second in the hose and reel 8s, despite a few hiccups elsewhere in the run, as well as running our first 6 for the season.  And in the final event, the Y8, I ran twice - once with the A team and again with ours.  The A side won the Y8, and we finished 5th, which effectively meant I was represented in two placings! :)

The other thing to come out of the day was that despite a very heavy workload, I was still performing at my best and without any niggles at the end of the day.  The extra training with the athletics club over the past 6 months has not only given me more speed, but also better capacity to handle a heavy workload.

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