Saturday, October 10, 2015

Track season begins.

Today was the official start of track season.  I had entered the 100m and 40m sprints, but due to an injury 11 days ago, there was some uncertainty about the 100.  However, I decided to go ahead with that race, as my injury appeared to have come good by Thursday.  So, I headed to the track on a hot and humid afternoon.

The 100m was my first event.  Not wanting to cause further injury, I took this race a bit easier than I normally would.  The start was my usual fast start, but after that, I eased into the faster parts of the race, only pushing things in the last 20 metres.  The time was 14.04, slightly slower than my previous 13.87 PB.

400m was next.  At this distance, I didn't need to reach quite the same speeds, so the risk of injury was very low.  In this race, I ran my usual race plan, allowing a bit for the headwind in the back straight.  Finished strongly in 3rd place in my heat with a PB time of 67.87.

After the 400m, I was asked to run a leg of the mens 40+ 4x100m relay team.  My position was first, to take advantage of my fast starts.  Like the 100m, I took this one carefully.  Once I was up to speed, I eased into the race.  At the 60m mark, I felt good, so I decided to push the speed up to near my top speed, before passing the baton to the next team member.  Together, we completed the event within 1.5 seconds of the track record, and all of us were running well within out capabilities! :)  Looking forward to having a real crack at the track record. :)

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