Friday, October 02, 2015

A couple of hiccups

This week hasn't been one of my better weeks.  Firstly, on Tuesday, I pulled a muscle in the left of my groin early in a series of short (30m - 50m sprints).  That ended the night's planned training, and it was off to treat the injury with ice. :(

Yesterday, I did manage two light training sessions.  I'm already capable of around 1/2 of my top speed and 2/3 of my 200m pace.  My best 200m interval was 42 seconds (compared to 29 second race time and 33-36 second training pace).  I also did well in the fire brigade training session afterwards.  Unfortunately, I had a cold come on suddenly late yesterday afternoon, so I'm now out of action because of that. :(  The silver lining is that it might be a good opportunity for a proper rest and possibly some targeted rehab training in the gym.

Athletics season starts on October 10.  I've entered the 100m and 400m events, and hope to be at least capable of the 400 (which is a lot less stress on muscles), but would like to run both.

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