Tuesday, April 21, 2015

From one extreme to the other!

Once the competition season ends in March, the next major physical event on my calendar is the 24 hour autismwalk charity fundraiser.  This year, the walk takes place on the weekend of 23 - 24 May.

Training is interesting, because up until the second Monday in March, my focus is entirely on speed and power.  The longest run I have there is a little over 100 metres (admittedly often much of that is with 150kg in tow), and the longest event takes less than 40 seconds.  So somehow I have to transition from that to walking for at least 18 hours in 24, in a 10 week period.  In addition, time for long walks is limited.  For some reason, this year has been socially busier than normal since the state championships.  Normally it goes fairly quiet, but not so much this time.

Last year proved that I could make the transition, and this year I am taking a similar approach.  The trick for me is to incorporate walking into my daily routine as much as possible.  I normally cycle or drive everywhere, but the majority of those trips have been replaced by walks.  It just means I need to allow a bit more time to get to places.  These short (2 - 10 km) walks tend to be done fast.  In addition, I try and schedule a few 3 - 4 hour walks, taking advantage of the network of shared walking and cycling paths around town here.  These usually end up being in the 20 - 30 km range, and are taken at a slightly slower pace.  This year, I seem to be a bit ahead of where I was this time last year, with both maximum average speed and "cruising speed" somewhat higher than they used to be.

At just over a month out, I'm feeling confident of both making the 24 hours and achieving the 100 km goal I've set for myself. 

After the walk, the long campaign to transition back to speed and power begins, and I will attempt to rewrite my motor neurology yet again. :) - Tony

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