Saturday, December 23, 2017

Wrapping up 2017 - last regular track meet and a pentathlon.

Last week was a regular track meet, the last one for the year.  I had entered the 100m, 400m, long jump and javelin.

In the 100m, I seem to have finally got my starts working well.  I got out ahead of a much younger field, but they got ahead early in the race.  Finished with a rather slow time of 13.86 into a 2.6m/S headwind.

Next up was the long jump, where I managed 4.02m in calm conditions.  Somewhere around that time was also the 4x100m relay.  Ran the first leg, getting off to another great start and handing the baton over in good time. 

After the relay, headed off to the javelin, but was called to the 400m before the javelin started.  After a delay, the 400m got underway.  conditions were tough with a strong headwind from the 100m to the 300m mark.  Despite a time of 1:05.28, it was technically a better run, with less fading during the second half, despite the wind.

Headed back to the javelin, but due to the delays with the 400m, the javelin was finished by the time I got back. Just one of those things that happens when events clash.

Today was the annual Bendigo Region Multis.  Like last year, I entered the pentathlon.  First up was the long jump, where I jumped 4.18m on the first jump and scored 235 points.  The javelin was next.  My first throw was about a metre short of my PB.  Second throw was 17.75m, more than 1.2m better than my old PB.  Third throw, though not quite as good, was still better than my old PB.  The 17.75m throw scored me 131 points.

Following the javelin was the 200m sprint.  As expected, this was my best event, with a time of 27.36 seconds, one of my better runs for the season, and scoring 422 points.

Next was the last of the throws - discus.  Best throw here was 16.27m, worth 203 points.

The last event of the pentathlon was the 1500m.  Conditions were hot and windy, which made for a tough run.  My time was 6:07.14, 10 seconds slower than last year.  However, it was still worth 236 points, my second highest score of the day.  My total was 1227 points, comfortably beating last year’s score of 1161 points.

Competition resumes in 2 weeks time, where I will face one of my biggest sporting challenges ever.  I’ve entered the Australian Masters Multi Championships, which is a national meet.  I will be competing in the decathlon, something which I’ve never attempted before.  Stay tuned!

- Tony via Tumblr

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