Saturday, November 18, 2017

AV Shield Round 5

Back at the local shield meet this weel.  I had entered the 100m, long jump, javelin and 400m.  In addition, there was a 4x100m relay on offer.

First up was the 100m.  Conditions were good, but had a slow start.  This time, a video was available, which I will be reviewing for more ideas to work on my starts.

I had some ankle issues while warming up for the  100m, and with important commitments next weekend, I decided to withdraw from the long jump, so my next event was the 4x100m relay.  Here, I ran somewhat better than in the 100m, receiving the baton with a good change, then passing it on with a very quick change, due to a large difference in speed between myself and the next runner.

The rest of the day got busy, with the javelin next, managing 2 throws of 15m or better, before heading off to the 400m.  The 400m was tough with a strong headwind in the back straight.  Managed a time of 1:05.21, in a tough run.

Returned to the javelin in time for me final throw, which was my best at 15.97m.  This was my third best throw ever, and the whole javelin event was my most consistent throwing to date.

Next week, the fire brigade season starts with our new team.

- Tony via Tumblr

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