Saturday, November 05, 2016

November off to a (mostly) good start

Back on the track yesterday, after a particularly busy week, physically.speaking.  Even on my rest days, I had some physically demanding chores to get out of the way.  Also, fire brigade training has now hit full stride, making for some full on training nights.

Anyway yesterday, I entered 4 events - 200m, 60m, triple jump and discus.  The 200m was first.  Like the previous times with this program, there was a strong headwind.  I managed a strong start and bend and ran 27.41 - a decent time under the conditions.  Next was the triple jump.  My run up issues still seem to be plaguing me, but at least this time, I was short, rather than long, hitting the board up to 40cm short.  Even so, I still managed 8.15 metres, 11cm short of a PB.

After the triple, it was back to the track for the 60m, into the headwind again.  Despite a minor hamstring strain in the last 10-20m of the race and not feeling like I reallt got into full stride, I ran 8.41 seconds, 0.14 better than my previous PB.  That ended any chance of taking part in the relay later.

My final event was the discus.  I’ve actually had a chance to do some training with one of the women in our club who is a strong in discus, with my regular coach adding his pointers as well.  The result of this little bit of training is already showing, with my PB increasing by around 4 metres to 16.66m. :)

Well, now it’s time to revocer and get myself back running.  I will be entering some middle distance events next week, in case I’m not ready for sprints, as well as discus, which I’ll be using my downtime to train for.

It’s looking like I may become a thrower after all, something I’ve never considered before. :)

- Tony via Tumblr

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