Sunday, October 09, 2016

2016-2017 Track Season Begins

Saturday marked the beginning of the new athletics season, with the first of the Athletics Victoria Shield series.  Prior to that was the last pre-season meet on September 30.  On the 30th, I was a bit out of sorts, which I put down to this year’s unusual stretch of gloomy weather.  However, I still managed a respectable 13.47 in the 100m, my second fastest time yet.  Other results were 4.01m in the long jump, 5.20m in the shot put and 1:04.62  in the 400m.

On Saturday, the normal sunny weather returned for the day and I was back to my normal self.  First event was the 200m, which I ran in 27.62.  I’m not sure why it was slower than expected.  There was a headwind, but that doesn’t explain everything.  Next was the triple jump.  I hadn’t done this event since March, but still managed 8.20m, 6cm shy of my PB.  Not a bad way to start the season! :)  Discus, like all of my throws is very much a “work in progress”, with 12.57m being my best throw.  More work needed there. ;)  I’m doing the throws for sheer enjoyment, as well as trying to expose myself to even more different forms of movement, especially ones that have been a challenge in the past.

In the 60m sprint, everything went perfectly.  I have been working on my starts, and this showed, getting off to a good start, then finding even more speed in the latter part of the race to gain a position, and a significant PB of 8.55 seconds, 0.19 better than my previous PB.

Finished the day with a solid run in the 4x200m relay.  Anyway, I’m glad to see the season underway and looking forward to the next meet. :)

- Tony via Tumblr

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