Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last athletics meet for the year.

Had my last athletics meet for the year last night.  It was supposed to be on Saturday, but with forecast temperatures of 42C, the Saturday meet was cancelled, and last night was organised as a cut down replacement.

With my leg now healed, I entered the 100 and 400 metres, as well as the long jump.  The 100m was first, and although healed, I needed to take things a bit cautious.  Despite taking the start slower than normal, and taking my time to reach top speed, I ran a PB of 13.68.  I pulled up a bit tight in the left hamstring, but still able to run.  My technique wasn't as good as it has been at training in the last month, so there's plenty of room to bring that time down.

Next was the 400m.  With my hamstring now a bit tight, I took the start very cautiously, before settling into the rest of the race.  Finished well, with a PB of 65.76.

My final event was the long jump.  I still have a lot to learn with any of the field events, but it was fun taking part.  My first jump ended up being my best at 3.51m.

It was good to back running sprints.  I plan to train through the Christmas break to keep my fitness up, and fine tune my technique for the country championships in late January.

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