Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Making good progress...

Already at this early stage, I am making steady progress in my track training.  The longer sprints are showing the biggest improvement.  On Sunday, I ran a 73 second 400m training run, and that was after slowing down, because I was targeting a specific pace, so I'm capable of a significantly faster time.  3 weeks ago, I ran 74.55 in a race, so I'm easily beating recent race times now.  At 200m, my 31.6 second race time from last month has been bettered by steady training runs around 30 seconds, again with plenty in reserve.

100 metres is more of a challenge.  While my natural power suits this event, improvement here relies on improving coordination, rather than sprint endurance, which is where the gains have been made in the longer sprints.  However, I feel that I am gradually adopting better form.  In addition, my starts are among the fastest in our training group, being able to gain almost a metre in the first few steps.  I feel as though I'm expending less effort to maintain the same speed, though with a mild groin strain from Sunday, I wasn't able to really push my top speed.I will have an opportunity to see how much my race time has improved next month.

Looking forward to seeing what the summer seasons (both track and fire brigade) bring.

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